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ATHLETICS: This Week's Events

Swim Time-Trials & Meeting...The last and final swim time trial will occur on Tuesday, 12/12/17, no exceptions. If you already did time trials you do not need to come to the make ups. Even if you already tried-out, you must also do a time trial. You must have your physical paperwork cleared to complete time trials.

Final team roster will be posted on Wednesday, 12/13, outside of the pool complex and in room 308. All team meeting at the pool on 12/14 at 3:00pm, all team members are required to attend. (Silver) 

NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER – SENIORS...Senior Student Athletes-If you plan on participating in college-level athletics at the NCAA Division I or II levels, you must be certified as an eligible athlete by the NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER. Register online at www.eligibilitycenter.org. Mr. Patterson, GLC, will be notified by the Eligibility Center once you have registered. At that time, your transcript will be sent to the Eligibility Center by Mr. Patterson. Only students in the Class of 2018 should register at this time. (Patterson) 

12/11/2017TBASoccer, Girls@TBA - Aliso Niguel TournamentVarsityTournament
12/11/2017TBABasketball, Girls@San Dimas - TournamentVarsityTournament
12/11/2017TBABasketball, Girls@Chino Hills - TournamentJunior VarsityTournament
12/11/2017TBASoccer, Boys@TBA - Monrovia TournamentVarsityTournament
12/12/201703:30PMWater Polo, Girls@Ayala, RubenFrosh/SophLeague
12/12/201704:15PMWater Polo, Girls@Ayala, RubenVarsityLeague
12/12/201705:15PMWater Polo, Girls@Ayala, RubenJunior VarsityLeague
12/12/201705:30PMSoccer, GirlsRoosevelt, EleanorVarsityNon-League
12/12/201703:30PMSoccer, GirlsRoosevelt, EleanorJunior VarsityNon-League
12/12/201703:30PMSoccer, GirlsRoosevelt, EleanorFrosh/SophNon-League
12/12/201706:30PMBasketball, Boys@Los OsosVarsityNon-League
12/12/201704:45PMBasketball, Boys@Los OsosJunior VarsityNon-League
12/12/201703:15PMBasketball, Boys@Los OsosFreshmanNon-League
12/12/2017TBABasketball, Girls@San Dimas - TournamentVarsityTournament
12/12/2017TBABasketball, Girls@Chino Hills - TournamentJunior VarsityTournament
12/12/201702:00PMBasketball, Boys@Los OsosVarsityNon-League
12/13/201703:30PMSoccer, GirlsEl Modena - Sunny Hills InvitationalJunior VarsityTournament
12/13/201705:30PMSoccer, GirlsEl Modena - Sunny Hills InvitationalVarsityTournament
12/13/201703:30PMSoccer, GirlsEl Modena - Sunny Hills InvitationalFrosh/SophTournament
12/13/2017TBABasketball, Girls@San Dimas - TournamentVarsityTournament
12/13/2017TBABasketball, Girls@Chino Hills - TournamentJunior VarsityTournament
12/14/201705:30PMWrestling, Boys@BonitaFrosh/SophLeague
12/14/201706:00PMWrestling, Boys@BonitaVarsityLeague
12/14/201705:30PMWrestling, Boys@BonitaJunior VarsityLeague
12/14/201703:30PMWater Polo, GirlsMontebelloVarsityNon-League
12/14/201704:30PMWater Polo, GirlsMontebelloJunior VarsityNon-League
12/14/201705:30PMSoccer, GirlsBrea OlindaVarsityNon-League
12/14/201703:30PMSoccer, GirlsBrea OlindaJunior VarsityNon-League
12/14/201703:30PMSoccer, GirlsBrea OlindaFrosh/SophNon-League
12/14/2017TBABasketball, Girls@San Dimas - TournamentVarsityTournament
12/14/2017TBABasketball, Girls@Chino Hills - TournamentJunior VarsityTournament
12/14/201703:15PMSoccer, Boys@ChinoFrosh/SophNon-League
12/15/201705:30PMWater Polo, Girls@WalnutVarsityNon-League
12/15/201705:00PMWater Polo, Girls@WalnutJunior VarsityNon-League
12/15/201703:15PMSoccer, Boys@South Hills - Glendora T. @ Covina DistVarsityNon-League
12/15/2017TBABasketball, Girls@San Dimas - TournamentVarsityTournament
12/15/2017TBABasketball, Girls@Chino Hills - TournamentJunior VarsityTournament
12/15/2017TBAWater Polo, GirlsTBA - DBHS TournamentFrosh/SophTournament
12/15/2017TBAWater Polo, GirlsTBA - DBHS TournamentFreshmanTournament
12/16/201708:00AMSoccer, Girls@Corona Del Mar - Sunny Hills InvitationalJunior VarsityTournament