Diamond Bar High School

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Cross-Age Tutoring With Students At Evergreen Elementary

Ms. Reza's juniors in Career Communications are completing their second week of tutoring three days a week at Evergreen Elementary. They tutor students from K-5 grade levels. Students enjoy the experience of tutoring and the teachers at Evergreen would like to have our juniors on a full-time basis.
Alvarado, Andrew
Becerra Jr, Ramon
Bellinger, Cara
Carpenter, Marcellus
Delgadillo, Kaitlyn
Diaz, Stephanie
Evangelista, Lindsey
Harrison, Jessyca
Inocentes, John
Jarboe, Monica
Melendez, Arthur
Razvi, Zohair
Rivas, Benjamin
Rodriguez, Leslie
Stilkey, Andrew 
Tamanaha, Derrick 
Vasquez, Adrien