Diamond Bar High School

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Leo Club's District Talent Show Shines

On Saturday, March 13, our Leo Club held a District Talent Show in which they raised funds for Haiti and the Orphanages of Thailand.  The fundraiser was very successful in raising over $4,000.  There were 12 acts, 5 acts of which were performed by Diamond Bar Leos.

These acts were:

1. "Choreographed Dance Routine" by Ayesha Motiwalla (12th), Emily Yu (12th), Diana Wang (12th), and Kelley Kuit (10th)
2. "Trolley Wood" by Sabrina Mamun (12th) and Seema Barua (12th) [Third Place Winner]
3. "Perfect Woman" by Jorrel Sampana (12th)
4. Heartbreak Warfare" by Gabriel Espiritu (11th)
5. "Fallin' for You" by Jasmine Chai (12th)

CLICK HERE to see more pictures from the event.

to see video of a few of the 12 performances.