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Seniors: You Have Four Weeks To Go

Seniors, you have four weeks to go.  Don’t make the mistake of letting poor attendance, failure to study, or general lack of effort cause problems for you with graduation or admission to the university to which you have committed.  A "D" in an academic class could cause a college acceptance to be withdrawn, and an F in any class could result in you losing graduation and a high school diploma.  You need to be in class every day, and there is no such thing as a Senior Ditch Day.  Grades can slip quickly and dramatically with just a missed assignment or two or a failed test.  You must continue to work hard all the way through May 27th to make sure you finish the school year well.


Senioritis is an excuse created by people who want to make being lazy and irresponsible sound cute.

                    Mr. Desmond & Mr. Ozaki