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Badminiton Team Wins League Title

The badminton team finished league play undefeated to capture their second straight league title.  Their overall record was 10-0.

Samantha Li (10) and Luke Chiang (12) were 20-0 in mixed doubles.  Li was 18-0 in womens doubles, while Chiang was 16-0 in mens doubles.

Alvin Ma (12) was 16-0 in mens doubles and 2-0 in mens singles.

Bonnie Chan (11) went 18-0 in womens singles.

Carissa Chung (10) was 13-1 in womens singles and 16-0 in womens doubles.

The young doubles team of Ryan Huang (10) and Curtis Li (9) finished 9-1 in league and 15-3 overall.

Kevin Lin (12) finished 14-4 in mens singles.

League finals will be Wednesday and Thursday, April 27 and 28th at Nogales HS.