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Reporting Bullying On Campus

Dear DBHS Parents and Students,

The Walnut Valley Unified School District shares our site concerns regarding student safety and bullying. With recent national events of bullying in schools, we determined that it was imperative to provide a vehicle for student reporting.

Below, you will see a link to a website where students can report suspected bullying. Although there are opportunities to supply the informant’s identity, it is possible to do this anonymously.

That being said, we always recommend talking to an adult on campus, particularly the student’s Grade Level Coordinator. They have the experience necessary to give kids the coping tools they need to report, discuss, and stop bullying. Although this report may be turned in anonymously, please know that the investigation process is greatly expedited when names are provided.

Prior to filling out the suspected bullying report, we ask that the students read the definition of bullying and watch the two Public Service Announcements. If they still feel that they have witnessed or experienced bullying, they can fill out the report and the details will be brought to the attention of the school administration.

We recommend that parents and kids dialog about bullying. We, the administration, parents, students, and staff need to take a team approach to make sure that our campus is a safe place for students to learn and grow.



Catherine Real,
Diamond Bar High School