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Mock Trial Team Competing In LA County Top 8

Our Mock Trial team has made it to the top 8 out of 84 teams. This is a huge accomplishment.  They will be competing Wednesday, November 28, at the LA County courthouse in the 4th round of competition to try and become one of the top 4 teams in LA County!

NOTE: Our Mock Trial team's season ended on November 28. They made it to the top 8 in LA County. Congratulations!


Kevin Bai (11)
Grace Chang (12)
Deedee Chao (12)
Erica Chae (12)
Sarah Cho (12)
Joey Choi (12)
Colene Eng (12)
Alena Gluschenko (12)
Amanda Harris (12)
Harrison Hughes (12)
Minsong Hsu (11)
Rose Kim (12)
Vishak Kumar (12)
Lauren Pak (12)
Sarah Park (12)
Ava Wu (9)
Jane Wu (11)