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Math Team Wins Their First Round Of Math Madness

Final Score in Round 1 of Math Madness (14 November 2013)

             Diamond Bar Brahmas:  8.50

             Crossroads College Prep Academy of St. Louis:  5.60
The Brahma Math Team moves on to Round 2 (out of 32) next week!!

Crossroads College Prep Academy of St. Louis was the team we competed against.  This is the bracket round which means that we compete against another team.  If we outscore them, we move on. If we don’t, we are eliminated from the tournament.  Next week we will compete against the team that won their bracket.  In the first round, there were 64 teams in Division 2A.  In the next round there are 32.  Download the competition brackets below.  We are in Division 2A.


Amy Tianshu Li

Steven Ye

Benjamin Chen

Corey Chen

Kimberly Wang

William He

Diana Zhou

Sophie Yu

Alan Li

Tertius Lam

Joseph Maa

Allen Wu

Kevin Gu

Hall Chen

Ezra Shih

Peyrin Kao

Ryan Wu

Stuart Kusdono

Geoffrey Wang

Leslie Sim

Felix Lien

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