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Mr Ozaki Returns To Fill In For Mrs Brummett

Class of 2018 Parents/Guardians:


I would like to introduce myself to the Class of 2018. I am Glenn Ozaki. Now that Mrs. Brummett has had her baby, both are doing well, I will be filling in for her until the end of the semester and during the summer registration.


I was a GLC here at DBHS for 18 years before I retired several years ago. Please feel free to contact me through Mrs. Burmmett’s e-mail and phone number.


I have visited all of the freshman English classes so your students know I am standing in for Mrs. Brummett.  Mrs. Brummett has told me that the Class of 2018 is a great class and I am looking forward to working with you and your students.



Glenn Ozaki


909-594-1405, Ext. 33425