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Brahmas Win Third Week Of Math Madness, 37-36

Math Madness continues. Today, October 14, our team won for the third week in a row! They competed against students from Lawton Chiles HS of Tallahassee, Florida. Going into the match, Lawton Chiles HS was ranked nationally at #8. After our victory, we are now ranked #10 in the nation!

We had 40 students compete. The top five scores from each school are compared, with each student trying to answer eight questions. We had three students get all eight questions right.

We won in the last seconds by 1!!! We made the tie at 36-36 within the two minute mark. The tension in the air in the last 45 seconds was palpable right before we ticked over to 37-36. Who says math competitions aren’t exciting?

Top scorers:

• Benjamin Chen (8/8)
• Sabrina Tseng (8/8)
• Matthew Ho (8/8)
• Armaan Kohli (7/8)
• Miriam Sun (6/8)
• Jeff Chow (6/8)
• Brian Ho (6/8)
• Ester Liu (6/8)
• Clara Kim (6/8)
• Kathy Tong (6/8)
• William He (6/8)
• David Lai (6/8)