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2016 Science Olympiad Team Announced

The following students have been chosen to be members of our 2016 Science Olympiad Team. They will be competing in February at Occidental College. Students applied for the team and took knowledge tests in their events. When choosing the team, the advisors had to consider how well applicants knew the content and how many different events they would do well in. Each member will compete in 2-3 events.



Jeff Chow (12)

Hsuan-Te Sun (12)

Benjamin Chen (11)

Brian Ho (12)

Darin Chang (10)

Pablo Martinez (10)

William Shao (10)

Isabel Jiang (12)

Adele Zhang (12)

Hannah Zhang (9)

Elaine Yip (11)

Samantha Yang (12)

Niraj Ganesh (12)

Nicole Matsuda (11)

Kecheng Yi (9)



Brian Chang (10)

Alvin Lee (10)