Diamond Bar High School

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"Top 10" Students Selected

The following students applied and have been selected to represent their class as the “TOP TEN”.  These students are chosen based on academic achievement, teacher recommendation, and school involvement.  These students will be recognized during Academic Week, April 4-8 and they will be introduced at the upcoming rally, Friday, April 8.


Jason Zhao

Timothy Yeh

Renny Gong

Catherine Zhang

Christine Zhou

Sherwin Ho

Abigail Nakaishi

Jeremiah Reyes

Inhim Choi

Marissa Singh





Marisa Umeh

Sophia Kim

Hailey Shi

Brian Chang

Aimee Shao

Tanya Yang

Zaina Syed

Kaitlyn Lee

Valerie Tsao

Meghan Shen





Leslie Sim

Ameer Alamedin

Monica Lin

Paul Bang

Lovim Choi

Stephanie Pan

Claire Medina

Frank Jiang

Kirsty Choi

Vinay Bhupathiraju






Yusheng Xia

Frances Song

Crystal Chang

David Cho

Veda Patel

Garrett Masuda

Kylie Choi

Pansy Tseng

Brenda Lim

Rachel Hwang