Diamond Bar High School

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MATH MADNESS: Week 2 (39-14)

Wednesday, October 5, sixty-one of our top Mathletes competed after school in the national Math Madness competition.  This was the second week of competition and the first week that counted. The scores of the Top 5 scoring students were compared with our competitor. This week they competed with students from Terry Sanford Senior High School located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The total possible, a perfect score, would be 40 points for this round.

Last week, we earned 37 points, compared to our opponent’s 13 points.

This week, we earned 39 points, compared to our opponent’s 14 points. 


Our top point earners this week: 

  • Benjamin Chen(8/8)
  • William He(8/8)
  • Qinhong Chen(8/8)
  • Michael Wu(8/8)
  • Ester Liu(7/8)
  • Danny Mansour(7/8)
  • Timothy Yeh(7/8)
  • Silas Wong(7/8)
  • Felix Su(7/8)
  • Eaman Tang(7/8)
  • Peter Thompson(7/8)
  • Sabrina Tseng(7/8)
  • Peyrin Kao(7/8)