Diamond Bar High School

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Chinese American Parents Association Donates $20,000

The Chinese American Parents Association (CAPA) at Diamond Bar High School presented a generous $20,000 donation to the school this week.  Principal Denis Paul accepted the donation from CAPA members during the year-end staff meeting held in the Golden Horseshoe amphitheatre.  $15,000 will be applied to the replacement of all school library computers and $5,000 will contribute to Chinese language learning at school.  CAPA members sold scrip, organized a membership drive, and hosted parenting and college seminars sponsored by local businesses.  Special thanks to CAPA President Nelson Huang and the 600-member parent group for their hard work and support of Diamond Bar High School.  “Our goal is to ensure the quality of our children’s education,” said Mr. Huang.  \"During the economic downturn, parents need to work even harder and be innovative in finding resources and opportunities for our school.”