Diamond Bar High School

Doppleganger Film Festival — Fri, March 24              SBAC State Testing (11th Grade Only) — Mar 27, 28 & Apr 3, 4              Spring Break — April 10-14              California Science Test (10th Grade Only) — Tues, April 18


Mathematics is an adventure!  Never fear Indiana Algebra is on YOUR SIDE!
Click on the link below to see an image with the list of test topics for the vector test.
The FINAL math team test of the year is WEDNESDAY MARCH 15 2017. Start practicing! This math team test for Miss Lordi's class will be in Mr. Kuo's room 603.  Get there ASAP! 
Visit the Google Classroom to see important links for online access to resource materials for the new Pre-calculus book!
Join our A2TH Google Classroom:  Go to classroom.google.com and add the class by using the following code: jl470zh
Remember you must first login to your district Google account.

There has been a change in the WVUSD Google accounts that our students use. The user name they use to sign in has changed from ID#@g.wvusd.k12.ca.us to ID#@stu.wvusd.org


Passwords remain unchanged. All files will be preserved.


STUDENTS do not have G-Mail accounts attached to this account. This will get an error if they log into G-Mail.


Check this website everyday for information on homework, extra practice opportunities, links to important websites, extra credit, the dean's list, and important announcements.  Use the links on the right.
A2TH Students: Renew Your Commitment To Learning.
  1. Take notes every day in class. Take notes from the lecture. Takes notes on your homework when we are going over homework. Take notes during your group discussions. Take notes when you read the book. RECOPY THESE NOTES AT HOME.
  2. Miss Lordi recommends the Cornell system of note taking (click here for instructions on the Cornell system).
  3. You know the sections we will be studying tomorrow. Read that section in your book BEFORE class. Be ready for the lecture.
Come prepared to class with questions. Questions require thought. You WILL have questions if you are thinking. NO THOUGHT ---> No Questions. It is obvious when you haven’t really been THINKING. MATHEMATICS REQUIRES THINKING.
Important Note:  I only receive email when I am at school.  If you send me an email tonight, I will not read it until after class tomorrow.  It's much more efficient to tell me your concerns in person in class.  Thanks!