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Are you ready for Algebra II/Trig Honors?

This course is designated as honors because it is taught at a much faster pace than the regular algebra II class.  We cover Algebra II the first semester and some Algebra II and most of Trigonometry the second semester.  This means that we are teaching with the expectation that these students need little review  of the concepts mastered in Algebra 1 and Geometry.  It also means that we expect these students will be THINKING and will be able to read their mathematics textbook on their own throughout the year.  Students with a B in A2TH may take Mathematical Analysis/Calculus Honors the following year.
We want to make sure that you are placed in the correct Algebra II course.  Even if you have met the prerequisites for this class, if you have ever struggled to get your math grades or if you have trouble remembering math concepts/skills for a test, you may be better off taking regular Algebra II.  Also, students in A2TH need to be able to productively read a math text book.  If you have trouble with this, we will help you--but you need to be willing to do it!
To help you make your decision, you may use the test linked below.  This is not a pass/fail prerequisite test, and it does not override the course prerequisites.  We are posting it to help you more correctly self-assess your A2TH readiness.  Our advice is to give yourself 45 minutes to see how well you can do under test-like conditions.  After that time, you may wish to check your answers with the linked answer document.  Good A2TH students will come into the course able to successfully complete this test with no additional instruction.  Remember this test is for your information only.  You will not show your results or work on this test to anyone at DBHS. You will need to login to your WVUSD Google account to view this test and the answers.