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Freshman, Class of 2020


Updated 3/3/17

Career/College Unit: On 3/2/17, freshman were walked through a career unit in which Mrs. Auten and Mr. Natividad discussed creating a 4 year plan and provided resources for all students to complete their 4 year plan. In addition, we presented information for all students to use in tracking all of their high school courses and completing interest surveys using www.californiacolleges.edu

The PowerPoint can be found at the bottom of this page as an attachment that is saved.(2020 Career Unit--Presentation)

We encourage all Freshman to use this website as it is a great resource to explore colleges, determines the careers that best match their interests, and matches school with their intended majors.

Also, if any student lost their Career/College Unit Packet please have them see their GLC for another copy.


Registration Packets: Freshman were given their Sophomore Registration Packets yesterday. If any student was absent please have them see their GLC to receive theirs. Mrs. Auten and Mr. Natividad walked students through this packet and how to complete. All the information you need to complete this registration card is provided within the packet. Completed Registration Cards are due back on March 20th.


Summer GLC appointment: This year we are using Sign Up Genius to schedule these appointments. This is an online service and you will schedule this on your own time from any smart phone or computer. It is vital that we have the correct Parent Email Address in our system. If you have not been receiving weekly emails from our school principal then you will need to update your email with our registrar, Mrs. Han. You are your child can do this. Please do soon ASAP as we will be sending out directions at the end of March.

*Information for making these appointments was provided in every Registration Packet and can be found as an attachment below.


Grades: 6 week grades have been posted. Please login to parent portal to view these grades.

Parents should check the Parent Portal often to check on current grades and assignments. If you have not yet created an account on Parent Portal, please do so right away. If you need assistance with creating the Parent Portal account, contact your student’s GLC. If you have a concern about the grade, please contact your student’s teacher directly so you can get immediate information about his or her most current progress.


Tutoring: We offer several free tutoring services at DBHS such as math help, and CSF peer tutoring available for all subjects. Refer to the GLC website at www.dbhs.org by clicking on the “Guidance/GLC” link, to find more information about these services. We also have upper classmen who tutor for a fee, please contact your GLC for a list of students.


Involvement: People often talk to students and parents about the need to be involved in extra-curricular and volunteer activities “for college applications.” It is true that universities are able to see more of who a student is as a result of the activities in which they are involved, but if college admission is the only reason a student participates in any of these activities, he/she is really missing what is important.


Students find so much personal fulfillment through participation in clubs, sports, and volunteer work, and it often helps them to grow and discover new things about themselves.  We want our freshmen to get involved with activities they’ll truly enjoy rather than simply doing what someone has “advised” them they need to do. In addition, it allows students the opportunity to meet new people and make new friendships with students who share similar interests.


“In the know”: It is important to be “in the know” at DBHS. Please make sure that parents and students make a habit of looking at the website at dbhs.org. The BullSheet is read once a week on campus and then posted in every teacher’s class and on the website under the drop down menu in the student section. You can also see up to date information on events and reminders on the website as well. Students should visit the Guidance/GLC link for the Class of 2020 at least once a month to make sure they aren’t missing valuable information pertaining to freshmen year. (Please make sure to keep all phone numbers and emails up-to-date with DBHS.)


REMIND 'Formerly Remind 101': We will be utilizing this program to send out important reminders to the class of 2020 and their parents. To sign up please send a text to the number: 81010  & in the message type in: @dbhs2020


DBHS RULES AND EXPECTATIONS: Please read the student handbook/planner to familiarize yourself with campus policies. We will also upload our Power Point Presentation when school starts after us GLC's have met with all freshman as part of our Due Process meeting. This meeting will allow us to review school rules and expectations. Look for 'Freshman Due Process Meeting' Power Point Presentation.


1. COMMUNICATION: Do not hesitate to ask your GLC for help. We are your advocates on campus and are happy to assist you. Most problems that occur on campus could and should be avoided if the students involved simply seek our help first! Please be proactive, not reactive.
2. ATTENDANCE: Be on time everyday! If you are legally absent from school due to illness or a doctor/dentist appointment, you must bring in a signed note from your parent or legal guardian upon  returning to school. Oversleeping is not a legal excuse to be late or absent. Your parent/guardian must clear the full day absence within 2 days. Period absences (ex :missed 1st period only) must be cleared by brunch the following day. Detentions/SWAPs will be issued if they are not cleared.
Parents can also clear absences by calling the 24 hour attendance number: 909-594-1860
3. HOMEWORK: Completing all assignments on a regular basis is essential to success in the classroom. Parents- please take advantage of Parent Portal to monitor grades.

4. CLOSED CAMPUS: You must never leave campus without permission! If you leave anytime other than your last class, you must sign out through the attendance office. If you arrive to school late, you must sign in with the attendace office.

5. CELL PHONES & iPODS: Brunch & lunch ONLY! Not passing period. Not during class. Don't do it...you WILL get a SWAP!
6. DRESS CODE: Please make sure to adhere to the dress code that is on the school website and in the student planner. No midriffs, Non-DBHS headgear, strapless tops and halter tops. First time violations will result in a SWAP.

Get involved on campus. Treat your teachers and other adults on campus with respect. Be kind. Help each other out. Most of all, have a wonderful freshmen year!

Find us at brunch & lunch!

Ms. Auten: 300 Building
Mr. Natividad: Lower Lunch Area