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➨ Parents - Read This!!!


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Thank you for allowing your child to participate in athletics here at Diamond Bar High School. I hope that both yours and their experience is educational, beneficial, and rewarding—physically, mentally, and socially.


Athletic Clearances

In order to be cleared for participation, all athletes must complete our Sports Physicals packet in its entirety on a yearly basis, with all necessary information and signatures. This includes a trip to your doctor*. Athletes will not be allowed to practice, condition, weightlift, or compete in any capacity until all of the requirements are fulfilled. Below is a checklist of items that are included in our Sports Physicals Packet:


Forms to turn in:

Athlete Demographic form

Medical History Form

Physician Clearance Form

Physical Exam Form

Signature Page

A copy of the athlete’s medical insurance card

Forms to read and keep:

 Concussion Information Sheet (link to more information)

WVUSD Waiver & Release - Parent

WVUSD Waiver & Release - Student

Policy & Agreement on Steroids

Brahma Code of Conduct

CIF Code of Ethics

CIF Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form (link to more information)



This packet can be found below.

*Per CIF Bylaw 503, all sports physicals must be completed by an MD or DO only. No PA, NP, or DC may clear an athlete for participation.


Injuries and Care

While participating in athletics it is my objective to keep each and every athlete safe. Even with the inherent risks of participating in a sport, sometimes injuries happen. If your child sustains an injury while participating in a DBHS-sponsored sport, it is in their best interest to visit the Athletic Training Room (room 811, between the locker rooms) before seeing a doctor* to receive an evaluation and care. I can act as an advocate for your child, while potentially saving you time and money from a doctor’s visit. This can also prevent missed participation time for the athlete.


*If there is a life-threatening condition, or if your child’s injury concerns you, do not hesitate to get them care. You have the right to seek medical care however you see fit for your child.



I will attempt to communicate as much as possible with every injury I encounter. But just know that not all injuries are severe enough to warrant a note or phone call home. In the event I feel your child should be referred to a doctor or other healthcare practitioner, I will send them home with a referral form. It must be completed by either an MD or DO only (CIF Bylaw 503) and also signed by you (HIPAA privacy law).


I look forward to a safe and fun time while your child participates in athletics. Do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions, comments, or concerns.






Chase Paulson, MS, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer