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About USB

Motto: “Aim for Success, Nothing Less”


United Student Body (USB) is the student government at Diamond Bar High School. USB seeks to improve campus life at Diamond Bar High and help students out. USB is responsible for many of the on campus activities and programs including lunch time activities, rallies, dances, Student Store, and clubs approvals and budget.


The term USB was chosen over ASB during the 1982 student body convention. USB has six executive board members and thirty-nine commissioners. The term of office is from January to December. Members are enrolled in 4th period Leadership class.


General Roles and How to Join

Executive board (e-board) candidates are first approved by Mrs. Van Horn, our director, and then elected. Commissioners are selected by the executive board through a paper application and two interviews. E-board and commissioner apps for 2017 are available October 8, 2016.

Class Presidents are elected for a school year. Apps for the 2016-2017 school year are available April 11, 2016.


List of USB 2016 Members and Their Positions

President David Song
Vice President Nicole Kim
House of Representatives Fiona Yan
Finance Stephanie Pan
Secretary Nishat Nayem
IOC Jenny Yun
Academics Austin Hyun
Academics Taylor Lee
Advertisement Hailey Shi
Advertisement Melody Lee
Athletics Alex Kim
Athletics Carissa Martinez
Art Meghan Shen
Art Angela Zhang
Attorney General Monica Lin
Audio Joseph Chang
Audio Krish Chauhan
Brahma Booster Virginia Wang
Hospitality Hannah Gao
Hospitality Sean Yam
Perf. Arts Katherine Zhang
Perf. Arts Nicole Song
Rallies Shefali Appali
Rallies Hyunseo Ahn
Spirit Ari Muramoto
Spirit Mason Soldridge
Social Activities Stephanie Kim
Social Activities Jenny Son
Special Projects Joyce Lee
Special Projects Muntaha Qadri
Student Store Alison Kim
Student Store Hersh Doshi
Technology Jason Zhao
Visual Communications Jasmine Tseng
Visual Communications Rishil Pansuria
c/o 2016 President Samuel Chiang
c/o 2017 President Morgan Pak
c/o 2018 President Hampton Douglas
c/o 2019 President Isabel Cambiaso

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Facebook: https://fb.com/USBPhotos

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dbhsusb/