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Bulletin Board » Halloween Costumes & Tardy Sweeps

Halloween Costumes & Tardy Sweeps

Tardy Sweeps... Tardy Sweeps will be starting very soon so get to class on time!! An automatic Academic Detention will be assigned if you are late to class without appropriate pass and stopped in a Tardy Sweep.

Student Aides should be in class on time and if you have PE you need to be in the locker room. (GLC team)

Halloween Costume Guidelines

Hello Brahmas,

Halloween is approaching and as always, we will allow students to show their Halloween spirit, but there are some guidelines we must follow to ensure student safety:

• Students are prohibited from wearing masks
• Make-up or face painting should be very minimal. Staff needs to still be able to EASILY identify a student wearing make-up or face painting. If your face is fully painted, you will be required to wash your face before attending classes.
• Weapons, or replica weapons are not allowed
• Costumes need to adhere to the school dress code and should not disrupt the instructional program during school hours.

If you have ANY questions regarding your costume, please see your GLC before Halloween for guidance or approval. Thank you for you cooperation Brahmas. We look forward to a fun and safe Halloween on campus. (GLC)