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·      8th Grade Information Night PowerPoint is at the bottom of this page.

An important message was sent to the school Gmail accounts of current freshmen, sophomores and juniors about scheduling your appointments with your GLC this summer. It was sent to current freshmen, sophomores and juniors Monday evening, February 25. It was sent to current 8th graders Monday, March 4. Check your school Gmail account to make sure you received it.


The message will be from your GLC with the address info@signupgenius.com. Take time to read the message and share this important information with your parents. Your GLC will be using your school Gmail account to communicate information regarding registration and explain how you will schedule your summer meeting.


If you do not know how to access your school Gmail account. Contact Mr. Thomas at rthomas@wvusd.k12.ca.us. Be sure to include your name and ID number in your message.


·      Appointments will range from Monday, July 8 - Friday, August 2. (7:30 a.m. - 3:10 p.m.) There is no advantage to having an earlier date for your appointment. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK WITH YOUR PARENTS TO PICK OUT A TIME THAT THEY CAN ATTEND WITH YOU.


·      Upon receipt of your invitation to select your date and time for your appointment with the GLC, select a date and time which works for you and your parent. REMINDER: You have a 48-Hour window to schedule your appointment date and time. See dates listed below.


·      (FOR FAMILIES WITH MORE THAN ONE STUDENT ATTENDING DBHS NEXT SCHOOL YEAR): If there is more than one child in a family attending DBHS next school year, the older sibling will be responsible for scheduling the younger sibling's registration appointment with the younger siblings GLC. We want to assist families and give the opportunity to schedule your appointments for all of your DBHS students on the same day. You will need to schedule each appointment with an approximate 30-minute gap between appointments. Directions for the older siblings will be included in the email invitation.




As a reminder, the 48-Hour period for you to schedule an appointment with the GLC is listed below:


Class of 2020: March 8th starting at 1:00 pm through March 11th closing at 8:00 am

                        VISIT SIBLING TABLE @ LUNCH: March 11 & 12


Class of 2021: March 12th starting at 4:00 pm through March 14th closing at 8:00 am

                        VISIT SIBLING TABLE @ LUNCH: March 14 & 15


Class of 2022: March 15th starting at 4:00 pm through March 18th closing at 8:00 am

                        VISIT SIBLING TABLE @ LUNCH: March 18 & 19


Class of 2023: March 19th starting at 3:00 pm through March 22nd closing at 7:40 am.