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WVUSD Guidelines for Coming on Campus

For Designated Period of Time


Revised May 21, 2020

● All staff on campus must be granted permission by principal or


● If you are mildly sick, do not come to campus. If you are experiencing

mild symptoms (coughing, shortness of breath or mild fever), please

do not come to campus. Please stay home for at least seven (7)

days and until 72 hours after being fever and symptom-free (Source:

Los Angeles County Public Health).

● Staff entering campus may be asked in a confidential manner if they

are experiencing any symptoms related to the pandemic virus. If you

are experiencing any symptoms, you will not be allowed on campus

and will be asked to follow public health guidelines as listed above.

● For your protection, the District’s social distancing protocol will be


● Only WVUSD staff are permitted on campus: spouse, children,

extended family or friends are not allowed on campus at this time.

Information on student access to campus is provided below.

● Staff coming to campus for the purpose of picking up materials must

wear face covering/masks at all times on campus.* Should you need

a mask during your short visit, please notice your principal/supervisor

when you schedule your trip to campus.

● Employees, while interacting with the public must wear Personal

Protective Equipment (PPE) - gloves and masks - at all times.

● Students are allowed on campus at designated times as determined

by the site administrator. Students may be escorted on to campus by

site admin, designee, or custodial team. If needed, one

parent/guardian may accompany a student.

● Parents/guardians can only access campus by scheduling an

appointment with the site administrator.

● If you have been exposed to a person with a confirmed case of

COVID-19 or a person who has symptoms, you are not to come on

campus. CDC guidelines state that “Emerging evidence suggests a

significant number of people may be infected with COVID-19 who are

asymptomatic and capable of spreading the virus to others. People

are now considered to be infectious 48 hours before the start of their

symptoms until their isolation period ends. This makes social

distancing and frequent hand washing even more crucial.”

* The CDC recommends the use of non-medical face coverings: N95 and surgical masks should not be worn, but reserved for first responders, health care workers and those who are ill.