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Bulletin Board » TED TALK Auditions (DUE Friday, Dec 4)

TED TALK Auditions (DUE Friday, Dec 4)



The Wellness Center will host virtual TED inspired Talks that will feature selected students who are passionate about sharing their wellness message. These TEDxTalks will be featured throughout the second semester.


All interested DBHS students will need to write a TED inspired Talk and record him/her/their self. 

Students will need to submit both the hard copy of the TedxTalk and upload the video. 


All interested students: please email Ms. Galindo at jgalindo@wvusd.org to request the DB TEDxTalk Google Classroom join code. Both the written TEDxTalk and the recorded audition must be submitted by Friday, December 4. 


What is Wellness? Wellness is a state or condition of being in positive physical and mental health; it is exemplified by quality of life and sense of well-being. It is important to understand that wellness is an active process and a conscious life-style approach of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthier and more successful existence.


Participation Requirements: Wellness topics selected must address at least one of the seven dimensions of Wellness: physical, occupational, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and cultural. Keep in mind that you are connecting your TEDxTalk content to how it will help with an overall wellness message. Ask yourself, “Is my idea worth spreading?” Does my idea connect to a positive message about wellness? Is your wellness message targeting your peer audience?


Develop an inspiring, engaging talk that will include at least two (2) of the following purposes: 

  • Educate / Inform / Demonstrate
  • Persuade / Call to Action
  • Entertain


TedxTalks should be well-researched, well-organized, and well-delivered. Your talk should be at least 8 minutes in length and should not exceed 12 minutes. You will need to upload a copy of your TEDxTalk that clearly identifies the dimension(s) of wellness you are addressing, and the two purposes you have selected for your speech. Your written TEDxTalk and your video presentation will be your audition.  You may be asked to revise portions of your talk and/or your video for publication. Click here for additional information: https://speakupforsuccess.com/create-a-ted-talk/ and/or https://akashkaria.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/HowtoOpenandCloseaTEDTalk.pdf


Why Should I Participate?  This is a unique platform to share your passion and wisdom about any appropriate wellness topic you wish. You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself to develop and grow into a more polished public speaker. 


Suggestions: Research and view a few TED talks on wellness topics that interest you. While watching, observe and take notes for tips for your own approach to spreading your wellness message. Also, check out the TedxTeen website that features influential teen TED talks on a variety of issues. 



  • Use guides to great speech writing to ensure that your wellness message is articulated with clarity. You can easily find many helpful tips on-line or in your English textbook.
  • Plan to spend plenty of time developing, writing, and editing your talk. Your talk needs to be well-organized. 
  • Consider the tone of your talk. Be sure your tone matches your purpose and message.
  • Rehearsal is critical to successfully executing proficient delivery of your wellness talk. 
  • A demonstration, props, or visual aids can be helpful in conveying your message; however, do not rely too heavily on the traditional power point presentation approach.


Reminder: email jgalindo@wvusd.org to request the TEDxTalk Google Classroom code for more detailed information. 


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