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ATHLETICS: This Week's Events & Tryouts

Football Tickets - Activity Card holders get into all the home games for free by showing their ACTIVITY CARD at the gate. All other guests must pre-purchase tickets online through GOFAN.com before entering the stadium. $8 General Admission $2 for ages 5-11. There will be no tickets sold at the gate. *Make sure you know how to pull up your digital Activity Card on your phone. Go to High5.id to do this!

BADMINTON TRYOUTS for all new players will be held in the gym. 

Saturday, September 25th -- 8:00 - 10:00 am. (if necessary) 

You must be fully cleared by the Athletic Office to participate. Wear proper badminton attire. Bring a racket. Bring water. (Wells) 

SENIORS NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER-SENIORS…Senior Student Athletes-If you plan on participating in college-level athletics at the NCAA Division I or II levels and you are in contact with a college coaching staff, you must be certified as an eligible athlete by the NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER. Register online at www.eligibilitycenter.org. Mr. Patterson, GLC, will be notified by the Eligibility Center once you have registered. At that time, your transcript will be sent to the Eligibility Center by Mr. Patterson. Only students in the Class of 2022 should register at this time. (Patterson)

DateTimeSportOpponentResultLevelGame Type
09/20/202108:00AMGolf, Girls@San Clemente - @ San Clemente MunicipalVarsityNon-League
09/20/202104:00PMWater Polo, Boys@El DoradoVarsityNon-League
09/20/202105:00PMWater Polo, Boys@El DoradoJunior VarsityNon-League
09/20/202103:00PMWater Polo, Boys@El DoradoFrosh/SophNon-League
09/21/202103:15PMTennis, GirlsSouth HillsVarsityLeague
09/21/202103:15PMTennis, Girls@South HillsJunior VarsityLeague
09/21/202105:30PMVolleyball, GirlsSouth HillsVarsityLeague
09/21/202103:00PMVolleyball, GirlsSouth HillsAll LevelsLeague
09/21/202104:15PMVolleyball, GirlsSouth HillsJunior VarsityLeague
09/21/202103:15PMVolleyball, GirlsSouth HillsFrosh/SophLeague
09/21/202103:00PMGolf, Girls@Walnut - @ Mountain MeadowsJunior VarsityLeague
09/22/202103:15PMWater Polo, BoysLos Altos/Hacienda HeightsVarsityLeague
09/22/202104:15PMWater Polo, BoysLos Altos/Hacienda HeightsJunior VarsityLeague
09/23/2021TBAWater Polo, BoysTBA - DBHS Bull RunVarsityTournament
09/23/202107:00PMFootball (11 man)KatellaVarsityNon-League
09/23/202103:15PMFootball (11 man)KatellaFreshmanNon-League
09/23/202103:15PMTennis, Girls@WalnutVarsityLeague
09/23/202103:15PMTennis, GirlsWalnutJunior VarsityLeague
09/23/202104:15PMVolleyball, Girls@WalnutJunior VarsityLeague
09/23/202103:15PMVolleyball, Girls@WalnutFrosh/SophLeague
09/23/202106:30PMVolleyball, Girls@WalnutVarsityLeague
09/23/202103:00PMGolf, Girls@Troy - @ Hacienda CCVarsityLeague
09/23/202104:00PMCross Country, Boys@TBA - League Meet #1 @ WilsonVarsityLeague
09/23/202104:00PMCross Country, Girls@TBA - Meet #1 @ WilsonVarsityLeague
09/24/2021TBAWater Polo, BoysTBA - DBHS Bull RunVarsityTournament
09/24/202103:15PMFootball (11 man)@KatellaJunior VarsityNon-League
09/25/2021TBAWater Polo, BoysTBA - DBHS Bull RunVarsityTournament
09/25/202108:00AMCross Country, Boys@TBA - Sunny Hills InviteVarsityTournament
09/25/202108:00AMCross Country, Girls@TBA - Sunny Hills InviteVarsityTournament