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Bulletin Board » Can You Check Your Grades Online?

Can You Check Your Grades Online?

Diamond Bar High School students can access their Aeries Portal accounts to check their class assignment grades, class grades, transcripts, state test scores, attendance and more online. Having access to your Aeries Portal account is an important tool for your success at Diamond Bar High School. If you do not know how to access your information, get information during your registration appointment. If you need additional information or assistance, contact Mr. Thomas at rthomas@wvusd.org




STUDENTS: You can now create your Aeries Portal account, without the need for a verification code. You can use your SCHOOL GOOGLE account and password to access your Aeries Portal account. Enter your school Google account student ID#@stu.wvusd.org and password. You can then click "Sign in with Google".


PARENTS: You can have your own Aeries Portal account to check on your son’s or daughter’s progress. If you need additional information or assistance, contact our technology coordinator, Randy Thomas, at rthomas@wvusd.org    

The company that created and manages the Aeries Portal program offers the AERIES MOBILE PORTAL APP for use on your phone and tablet. You can see it mentioned at the bottom of the Parent Portal log in screen for iPhones and Android phones.


We are happy to announce that the official Aeries Portal App is now working! You can now download it to your phone and/or tablet. You log in with your current Aeries Portal user name and password. Students can log into the app using their school Google accounts.


Please note that in the past, families were able to use mobile apps created by other companies. Those apps no longer work and are not supported by the company that owns Aeries.


         Click here for iPhone App                                   Click here for ANDROID App