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ATHLETICS: This Week's Events & Tryouts

Tryouts for the 2018-2019 Pep Squad
Workshops: Thursday, May 3 3:30-6:30pm
Tryouts: Friday, May 4 at 3:30pm
Tryout Packets are available below.  Completed applications are due no later than Monday, April 30 at 3pm. No late applications will be accepted. The Clinics will be in the Aerobics  (851) and Dance Room (903).  Tryouts will be in Aerobics room (851).
All applicants MUST have a valid Athletic Clearance on file in order to participate in Tryouts.
2018-2019 Pep Calendar Click Here
Athletic Clearance Information Click Here
For questions about the Pep Program, please contact:

Pep Director
Kari Simonson

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Email is not checked after 6pm or on weekends


Volleyball Summer Camp - It's that time of year again - time to start thinking about summer volleyball! This year, our summer camp is going to be 6 weeks long, from June 25 - August 3. For more information on this camp, please see the flier and camp/summer schedule at the bottom of this page. We will be taking our dead period the first 3 weeks of summer, which can be a great time to take family vacations and relax before we get back into gear. I look forward to seeing all of my returners, and to meeting all of my newcomers!  GO BRAHMAS! Katie Swetnam

Senior Student Athletes...If you have registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center this message is for you! After April 1st, you must log in to your NCAA Eligibility Center file and finalize the NCAA Amateurism Certification Process. You should have already completed this questionnaire; now you are confirming your responses and signing the final documents. You will not be certified as an eligible NCAA Division I or II student athlete until this process is completed after April 1, 2018. (Patterson) 

DateTimeSportOpponentResultLevelGame Type
04/23/201803:15PMTennis, Boys@South HillsVarsityLeague
04/23/201803:30PMBaseballEsperanzaJunior VarsityTournament
04/24/201803:30PMBaseballAyala, RubenVarsityLeague
04/24/201803:30PMBaseball@Ayala, RubenJunior VarsityLeague
04/24/201803:30PMBaseball@Ayala, RubenFreshmanLeague
04/24/201803:30PMSoftball@ClaremontJunior VarsityLeague
04/24/201803:15PMTennis, BoysClaremontVarsityLeague
04/24/201803:15PMTennis, Boys@ClaremontJunior VarsityLeague
04/24/201802:00PMGolf, Boys@Ayala, Ruben - Rescheduled to April 24VarsityLeague
04/24/201802:00PMGolf, BoysGlendoraJunior VarsityLeague
04/24/201803:10PMTrack & Field, COEDClaremontVarsityLeague
04/25/201802:30PMGolf, BoysGlendoraVarsityLeague
04/25/201803:30PMSwimming & Diving, BoysClaremontVarsityLeague
04/25/201801:00PMBadminton@TBA - League Finals @ WebbVarsityPlayoffs
04/25/201803:30PMSwimming & Diving, BoysClaremontJunior VarsityLeague
04/25/2018TBATennis, Boys@TBA - Ojai TournamentVarsityNon-League
04/25/201803:30PMSwimming & Diving, GirlsClaremontVarsityLeague
04/25/201803:30PMSwimming & Diving, GirlsClaremontJunior VarsityLeague
04/26/201803:30PMBaseball@Ayala, RubenVarsityLeague
04/26/201803:30PMBaseballAyala, RubenJunior VarsityLeague
04/26/201803:30PMBaseballAyala, RubenFreshmanLeague
04/26/201803:30PMSoftball@Bonita - @ Las Flores ParkVarsityLeague
04/26/201803:30PMSoftballBonitaJunior VarsityLeague
04/26/201802:00PMGolf, Boys@GlendoraJunior VarsityLeague
04/26/201802:00PMGolf, Boys@GlendoraVarsityLeague
04/26/2018TBATennis, Boys@TBA - Ojai TournamentVarsityNon-League
04/27/201803:00PMSwimming & Diving, BoysTBA - Diamond Bar MeetJunior VarsityTournament
04/27/2018TBATennis, Boys@TBA - Ojai TournamentVarsityNon-League
04/27/201801:00PMBadminton@TBA - League Finals @ WebbVarsityPlayoffs
04/27/201803:00PMSwimming & Diving, BoysCentennial/Corona - Riverside Poly/Murrieta VVarsityTournament
04/27/201803:00PMSwimming & Diving, GirlsCentennial/Corona - Riverside Poly/Murrieta VVarsityTournament
04/27/201803:00PMSwimming & Diving, GirlsTBA - Diamond Bar MeetJunior VarsityTournament
04/28/201810:00AMTrack & Field, COED@TBA - Prelims @ ClaremontVarsityPlayoffs
04/28/2018TBATennis, Boys@TBA - Ojai TournamentVarsityNon-League
04/28/201810:00AMBaseballEl ModenaJunior VarsityNon-League