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Fall Registration Meetings With GLCs – July 8 - Aug 2                  First Day Of School  – Mon, August 12
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Fall Registration Info For GLC Appointments


Dear Parents:


Feel free to contact our school at (909) 594-1405 if you are not sure when your summer registration appointment is scheduled. The following reminders will help you complete this process smoothly:


1.      Every student registering must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Students coming by themselves will be rescheduled to a time when a parent/guardian can be with them.


2.      Please bring names and phone numbers of your family physician and any nearby friends or relatives you wish to designate as contact persons in case you cannot be reached during an emergency.  This information will be essential to complete the required yearly enrollment forms.


3.      Your appointment is the time you are scheduled with your son or daughter’s Grade Level Coordinator to review progress toward graduation, college information, solutions to any problems unique to your student, and next year’s schedule of classes.  Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to ensure ample time to complete the enrollment forms.


4.      In addition to meeting with the Grade Level Coordinator you will have an opportunity to purchase an activity card, yearbook and get to know our parent groups.


5.      The final station in the registration process is checking out the Fall Semester’s textbooks from the library (Room 457).  The Library will be open during the entire registration process for textbook pick-up.  This station is critical to students starting out the semester with the proper materials.

6. Policy forms for both Diamond Bar High School and the Walnut Valley Unified School District are available for download and review below.


Special Note:  Please make sure there is a parent email address in our student information system for your child, because we have moved to paperless correspondence.  If you have any questions, please contact the Guidance Office at (909) 594-1405 ext. 33129

or my direct line at (909) 594-1405 ext. 33105.



David Hong

Assistant Principal