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Google Accounts & Microsoft Office For Students


Starting Wednesday, February 1, 2017, all Diamond Bar High School students have district e-mail accounts. The accounts they have been using to access Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Classroom will now also give them access to Gmail. Student WVUSD Gmail accounts look like this: 6-digit ID#@stu.wvusd.org.

The district has been working on adding this feature because a lot of tools middle and high school teachers use with students such as Aeries, Edmodo, Google Classroom, Big Ideas and Turnitin, allow teachers to send notifications through e-mail. Teachers have often had a problem connecting with students because either the students did not have accounts or the account that was in Parent Portal had not been updated.

The district has to meet strict legal requirements when rolling out student e-mail access. For that reason, students will be limited to e-mailing student and staff e-mail accounts within our district, with a few exceptions. Here is a list of e-mail domains to which they can send and from which that can receive:




@sched.org (for event scheduling apps)

They can receive messages sent from these district services: Blackboard, Turnitin, Edmodo and outside educational institutions with addresses that end in .edu, such as colleges.

When students address messages to other students, they can use the address that contains their ID# or they can start typing that student’s name in the TO line. Auto complete will show student addresses that match that name.

Students can access their WVUSD Google e-mail accounts on any computer, phone or tablet. Computers located throughout our school, including our library, are available for all students.

If a student has a problem accessing his or her account, they can contact our Technology Coordinator Randy Thomas at rthomas@wvusd.k12.ca.us.



You can now RESET your school Google account password, whenever you want. This is the password you will use for Blackboard, library e-books and your new Google accounts. Once you know your password, you can enroll in the password reset program and reset your password at any time by going to http://iforgot.wvusd.k12.ca.us. If you do not know your password, contact Mr. Thomas at rthomas@wvusd.k12.ca.us.




STUDENTS: You can now create your Parent Portal account, without the need for a verification code. You can use your SCHOOL GOOGLE account and password to access your Parent Portal account. Enter your school Google account student ID#@stu.wvusd.org and password. You can then click "Sign in with Google".





All Walnut Valley Unified School District students now have FREE access to Office 365. Students can edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents in a web browser. 


In addition, students are able to download and install for FREE the Microsoft Office Suite on up to five personal devices at home! This includes versions of Microsoft Office for your PC, Mac, tablet and phone. Your license to use the software will last until you leave our school district. 


Follow the directions in the file posted below. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Mr. Thomas at rthomas@wvusd.k12.ca.us.


1)    Go to DBHS.ORG

2)    Click on the STUDENTS dropdown menu

3)    Choose MY PORTAL Apps

4)    Click on the OFFICE 365 button

5)    Sign in with your district e-mail address (ID@stu.wvusd.org) and password