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AP Studio Art-Period 4 Assignments

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Past Assignments


3rd AP Image in Google Classroom

3rd AP Image

Process photo that took 2 weeks to create. Upload to both Google Classroom and Padelt


Colossal in Google Classroom


Go on thisiscolossal.com and look at specific art work by an artist.

Answer the following questions:
1) What is the name and location of the artist?
2) What type of materials does this artist use? Is there are reason for this material choice?
3) What is their sustain investigation?
4) What can you take away from these art pieces as part of your own art making process?


2nd AP Image in Google Classroom

2nd AP Image

Process photo that took 2 weeks to create. Upload to both Google Classroom and Padelt


AP Daily Video 1.E in Google Classroom

AP Daily Video 1.E

Watch Skill 1.E Daily Video 2 and answer the following questions on a google doc

1) List 6 unusual materials that could be used
2) How do we ‘take stock’?


Sustained investigation Opener in Google Classroom

Sustained investigation Opener

On a google doc, write out your opening paragraph explaining your Sustain Investigation in a clear way. This opener should be what you plan on submitting for the beginning written portion of your portfolio. For it could explain why this is important to you, what visual imagery you plan on using, what materials are going to be used and if there is a reason for it, what elements or principals of design are themes

Example #1 
In my body of work, I allude to elemental forms God uses to make Himself known. Manipulation of sediments, coffee grounds, and water samples are symbolic depictions of veils, a memorial of boundary or control. I create macrocosms through my process to depict universal and personal relations with God through demarcation. The use of raw, mundane forms are representative of vulnerability and identify the body of work.

Examples #2
My sustained investigation is about loneliness created by the feeling of being trapped and closed off and its role in the process of growing up. I aim to show loneliness through using contrast and 3-D elements such as plastic to create separation between the main subject and its surroundings.


1st AP Image in Google Classroom

1st AP Image

Process photo that took 2 weeks to create. Upload to both Google Classroom and Padelt


Daily Video Skill 1.D in Google Classroom

Daily Video Skill 1.D

1) List 6 approaches on how artist use a sketchbook
2) What is the sketchbook with the 'Basketball' focusing on?
3) What is the 'Flying Buttress' sketchbook focusing on?
4) What is the 'Egyptian pyramids' sketchbook focusing on?
5) What is the 'Alone Together' sketchbook focusing on? 


Daily Video Skill 1.C in Google Classroom

Daily Video Skill 1.C

Watch the assigned AP Daily Video and answer the following questions
(Refer to Page 38 of the Course Exam Description)

1) What is consider plagiarism according to the Daily Video?
2) 2 ways you can show you were inspired by things you saw but not be in violation of plagiarism?
3) What are teacher's role towards helping students develop their work?
4) What are students encouraged to base their artwork on?


Art IG in Google Classroom

Art IG

Create a Art Instagram account to upload all portfolio images. Message IG account artdbhs, state your name/period to let me know the account was created. On google classroom write out your IG name on a google doc and submit


Create an Inquiry in Google Classroom

Create an Inquiry

Answer the following questions in your sketch book, follow the instructions carefully and photograph and upload to google classroom

1) What is on your mind right now?
2) What have been your favorite recent memories?
3) What is an experience you will never forget?
4) What brings you joy?
5) What do you wonder about?
6) What makes you different from any other human being in this world?

Circle or highlight things that stood out to you

7) Why do these things stand out?
8) Are they connected?


Review Visual Exhibit in Google Classroom

Review Visual Exhibit

Look through this Design exhibit and select one artist and answer the following questions on a google doc

1. What is the name of the artist, what school are they from, and what type of portfolio did they do?
2. Describe the visual art work shared
3. What is the theme of their sustain investigation in your own words
4. What 2 things you have learned about these specific artworks that you could apply to your own portfolio?


AP Art College Board Account in Google Classroom

AP Art College Board Account

Create your College Board Account and join one of the following courses: Drawing, 2D, 3D Portfolio using the following codes
Drawing- JGX6VY


Donation Slip in Google Classroom

Donation Slip

This slip needs to be signed by the parent to show that they have read and understood the donation slips. Donations are not required but they will enhance the overall experience of the class


3 ideas in Google Classroom

3 ideas

Write 3 sentences represent 3 different ideas for a possible Sustain Investigation Topic.
Please type these out on a google doc 


Syllabus in Google Classroom


Read the course syllabus carefully and sign the syllabus. This can be turned in virtually as well as in physical form


Original design in Google Classroom

Original design

Upload an original art design to our class Padlet. It can be a sketch, a painting, a digital drawing, collage, etc. it can be an old art piece from years ago.


Sketchbook in Google Classroom


Take a photo of your sketchbook with your name visibly written on the cover or the first page