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Studio Art-Period 3 Assignments

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Past Assignments


Inktober 2 & 3 in Google Classroom

Inktober 2 & 3

Homework 2 Inktober prompts drawn our in ink or digitally


Korean American Art Contest in Google Classroom

Korean American Art Contest

Upload your photo of your Art Contest piece on both Google Classroom and Padlet 


Inktober #1 in Google Classroom

Inktober #1


Notes in Google Classroom


Take photos of the following Notes;
1) Surrealism (plus Sketch)
2) Monetizing Art 
3) Art Nouveau (plus Sketch)


Extra Credit Consent Form in Google Classroom

Extra Credit Consent Form

On the days of Oct. 1, 8, and 15 I will be filming 5-minute videos of myself teaching during our class time. The recordings are a requirement of the CalTPA, which is a teacher candidate assessment I must complete this semester as a student teacher. The sole purpose for these videos is to demonstrate my skills in the instructional practice to my instructor and to my CalTPA assessors.

Please show your parents the consent letter, have them read through everything and sign it. Then take a picture and upload it by 9/30 before 6pm. 


Progress Photo in Google Classroom

Progress Photo

Pacing goal- your under drawing is completed and you are beginning to introduce color or material you are using on your drawing surface


Revised Sketch in Google Classroom

Revised Sketch

A more detailed sketch with color on a full page in your sketchbook. Upload on both google classroom and Padlet


Thumbnail Sketches in Google Classroom

Thumbnail Sketches

3 thumbnail sketches representing 3 different approaches to the Korean American Contest


Art History Notes in Google Classroom

Art History Notes

Photograph your hand written notes with your sketch on the following Art History movements:


Guernica Wheel  in Google Classroom

Guernica Wheel

Take a photo and upload your Guernica Wheel


BTSN Poster in Google Classroom

BTSN Poster

Back to School Night Poster in the material of your choice. We are focusing on original design. Upload to both Google Classroom and Padlet


Donation Slip in Google Classroom

Donation Slip

This slip needs to be signed by the parent to show that they have read and understood the donation slips. Donations are not required but they will enhance the overall experience of the class


BTSN Sketch in Google Classroom

BTSN Sketch

2-3 or more thumbnail sketches for an original 'Back to School Night' design


Syllabus in Google Classroom


Read and have your parents read the course syllabus carefully. Sign and have your parent sign the syllabus. This can be turned in virtually as well as in physical form


Sketchbook in Google Classroom


Take a photo of your sketchbook with your name visibly written on the cover or the first page