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Animation Class-Period 1 Assignments

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Pendulum Animation Assignment in Google Classroom

Pendulum Animation Assignment

1. Draw a pendulum with onion skin layers on paper.  Take a photo of your work and post it.  

2. Combine your skills in the following principles to create a pendulum animation. 
          4) straight ahead and pose to pose 
          6) slow in and slow out 
          7) arcs 

*Use the onion tool, free transform tool
*Create one layer for the ball and chain, and one layer for the suspension brick 

3. Click file, and export it as a movie/media to a .mov, or mp4 file.

Past Assignments


Inktober Week #2 in Google Classroom

Inktober Week #2

Complete 3 prompts from #9 - #16.  Make sure to label your prompts as well.  


Run/Walk Cycle Assignment in Google Classroom

Run/Walk Cycle Assignment

1. Post a photo of your run and walk cycle practice from the handout.  
2. Add both a run and walk cycle animation.  
3. Export the animation to a .mov file.


Inktober Week #1 in Google Classroom

Inktober Week #1

Choose 3 prompts to complete for week 1 of Inktober.  October 1-8 


Extra Credit: Art Center Visit in Google Classroom

Extra Credit: Art Center Visit

Create a Google doc.  Writing a paragraph or 10 bullet points you've learned about from the college visit for extra credit. 


Puffs - Fall Play Art  in Google Classroom

Puffs - Fall Play Art

Puffs is the Fall Play held by the theater program.  It is a parody on Harry Potter's house - Hufflepuff.  Create an art piece with your group, including at least a paragraph story.  Your work will be featured in the Great Hall of the play.  You may include copyright characters as long as you change it and add your own original spin.  Please email Mr. Kaitz, director of theater if you have any questions regarding the art - jkaitz@wvusd.org.


Brahma Extra Credit in Google Classroom

Brahma Extra Credit

1. Create a bouncing ball with squash and stretch, which turns into a Brahma in a 12 second animation.  Up to 15 points extra credit.
2. Create a 5 second animation on the Puffs Play 
3. Create a 5 second animation for Homecoming "A Night in Disguise" on October 23rd


September Journals  in Google Classroom

September Journals

Define the following principles of animation: 
5. Anticipation 
6. Staging 
7. Straight Ahead, and Pose to Pose, key 
8. Follow Through and Overlapping Action 


Bouncing Ball Assignment in Google Classroom

Bouncing Ball Assignment

1. Draw out your bouncing ball gif in 12 fps, or 24 fps at least 2 seconds.  Upload your drawing.  
2. Open Adobe Animate and start to include one layer with the frames of the bouncing ball, and another layer with the background/horizon.


Adobe Animate Tutorial in Google Classroom

Adobe Animate Tutorial

Upload at least one completed tutorial from Adobe Animate.  Export it to a GIF.  


Photoshop: Cartoon Street in Google Classroom

Photoshop: Cartoon Street

Use photoshop to fill in the cartoon street attach with 5 different colors used repeatedly.


SCAD Visit in Google Classroom

SCAD Visit

Create a Google doc.  Writing a paragraph or 10 bullet points you've learned about from the college visit.  


9/11 Writing Assignment  in Google Classroom

9/11 Writing Assignment

Write a paragraph from the 9/11 Memorial in front of school (periods 1-4) or on the CNN Student News segment from today 9/10. 


Thaumatrope Assignment in Google Classroom

Thaumatrope Assignment

1. Upload a picture of the 9 thumbnails with a stamp.  

2. Upload a video of your thaumatrope in action.


History of Animation Notes in Google Classroom

History of Animation Notes

Take notes on the presentations and video.


August Journal Submission in Google Classroom

August Journal Submission

Submit August journals here.

1. What was your favorite animation growing up and why?  Include a scene with a character.  Add color to your work.  Upload the assignment once you have finished your work into your digital journal.

2. What are the elements of art, and principles of design?  List them, along with their definition.  Refer to the Getty Museum handouts, or posters in class.

3. Color Theory 
Primary Colors -
Secondary Colors - 
Tertiary Colors - 
Complementary Colors - 

When is your birthday?  What is your colorstrology?  Do you believe it to be true to your personality?  Explain.   Complete the color wheel using colored pencils.  Upload a photo of your wheel onto your digital journal.

4. What is "squash and "stretch?"  Why do animators need this principle?


Cover Art  in Google Classroom

Cover Art

Create a cover page for your journal.  Include your at least 5 of your favorite animations.


Donation Slip in Google Classroom

Donation Slip

Please sign the donation slip.  Ask your parents to sign the document as well and bring your donations to class.


Principles of Design Google Slides  in Google Classroom

Principles of Design Google Slides

Add the title "Principles of Design" on a Google slide document.  Include the names of your group members.  (2-3 per group). Include the definition of the listed principle of design.  Include an image or animation and why it serves as an example of the specific principle.  Label the animation or image.   

1) Movement 
2) Pattern
3) Emphasis  
4) Balance
5) Unity 
6) Variety 
7) Proportion


Animation Syllabus in Google Classroom

Animation Syllabus

Please get both signatures by this Friday.


Virtual Locker Room in Google Classroom

Virtual Locker Room

Complete the virtual classroom.  Get creative!