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AP Art History-Period 3 Assignments

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Illumination Page in Google Classroom

Illumination Page

Use one of your initials to create an illumination page on the canvas provided to you. Include at least five symbols that represent your personality or values.

Past Assignments


3 Religion Jamboard in Google Classroom

3 Religion Jamboard

Add one fact about one religion. Add your name to the post it notes. Make sure you are not repeating facts from your classmates.  Make sure you are using the same color post it note for the religion and fact.


Religion Summaries in Google Classroom

Religion Summaries

Read the following articles on history.com Create a google document that summarizes the main beliefs and practices of:
1) Judaism
2) Christianity
3) The Nation of Islam

Make sure to write at least a paragraph for each religion.


Extra Credit - Puffs Fall Play  in Google Classroom

Extra Credit - Puffs Fall Play

Puffs is the Fall Play held by the theater program.  It is a parody on Harry Potter's house - Hufflepuff.  Create an individual art piece inspired by Harry Potter with an option to add elements from what we learned about in art history Unit 2.   Your work will be featured in the Great Hall of the play.  You may include copyright characters as long as you change it and add your own original spin.  Earn up to 15 points.  Please email Mr. Kaitz, director of theater if you have any questions regarding the art - jkaitz@wvusd.org.


Art History Meme in Google Classroom

Art History Meme

You can choose any one of the 250 images on Khan Academy to create a meme. It can be funny, but also appropriate. :) Here are some examples from other art history students across the nation.


Unit 1 and 2 Review Notes  in Google Classroom

Unit 1 and 2 Review Notes

Only upload here if you typed it out.  Otherwise, submit the handwritten notes in person and click submit here.  


9/11 Writing Assignment - Extra Credit  in Google Classroom

9/11 Writing Assignment - Extra Credit

Write a paragraph from the 9/11 Memorial in front of school (periods 1-4) or on the CNN Student News segment from today 9/10.  Worth 10 points. 


Design Your Own Cartouche in Google Classroom

Design Your Own Cartouche

1. Draw two cartouches - one with your first name, and one with your last name.
2. You may use lowercase hieroglyphics.
3. Add color to your work  
4. Upload your assignment. 


Unit 1 Lecture Notes Prehistoric Art  in Google Classroom

Unit 1 Lecture Notes Prehistoric Art

Submit your lecture notes here if you were absent. 


Unit 1 Vocabulary and Chart in Google Classroom

Unit 1 Vocabulary and Chart

Fill out the vocabulary chart including the definition as it pertains to this class, and the part of speech.

1. Anthropomorphic
2. Archaeology
3. Cong
4. Henge
5. Lintel
6. Megalith
7. Menhir
8. Mortise and Tenon
9. Post and lintel
10. Shamanism
11. Stele
12. Stylized


Donations Slip in Google Classroom

Donations Slip

Please read, and get it signed by your parents.


Prehistory Drawing Assignment  in Google Classroom

Prehistory Drawing Assignment

Bring items from nature.  I'll bring the coffee and tea!


Signed Syllabus  in Google Classroom

Signed Syllabus

Please submit the syllabus with parent signature by Friday.


What Is Art For?   in Google Classroom

What Is Art For?

Watch the YouTube video "What is art for?" Write a paragraph on the purpose of art as described in the video.  Include your opinion on the purpose of art.  


Art Scavenger Hunt in Google Classroom

Art Scavenger Hunt

Complete the art scavenger hunt :) Don't forget to add a picture for each one.  Include the URL in which you found the image information.  


Virtual Locker Room in Google Classroom

Virtual Locker Room

Complete the virtual locker room. Get creative with this :)