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English 1-Period 4 Assignments

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Past Assignments


Courtroom and Definitions in Google Classroom

Courtroom and Definitions

1) On a separate piece of paper, draw the layout of the courtroom.  Add color to your work.  

2) On a Google doc, describe each person's responsibility.  


Chapters 22-31 Vocabulary in Google Classroom

Chapters 22-31 Vocabulary

1. Obscure 
2. Pursuits 
3. Improbable 
4. Inevitable  
5. Apprehension 
6. Sustain 
7. Hypocrites 
8. Allegedly 
9. Persecuted 
10. Assessment 
11. Consented  
12. Inconveniences


Chapters 15-21 Questions in Google Classroom

Chapters 15-21 Questions

Create a google document.  Complete the questions for Chapters 15-21 in complete sentences.


Chapters 15-21 Vocabulary  in Google Classroom

Chapters 15-21 Vocabulary

Chapters 15 - 21 
1. Pensive 
2. Antagonize 
4. Defendant 
6. Oblivious 
7. Acquiescence 
8. Encumbered 
9. Dispelled 
10. Indulge 
11. Amiably 
12. Complacently 
13. Stealthy 
14. Prejudice 
15. Irrelevant
17. Predicament 
18. Fraud 
19. Subsequent 
20. Pauper 


September Digital Journals in Google Classroom

September Digital Journals

5. “Keep Your Friends Close”
6. TKAM Prompt
7. CNN Student News 9/21
8. CNN Student News 9/28


TKAM Assessment Chapters 8-14  in Google Classroom

TKAM Assessment Chapters 8-14

You must choose ONE of the following tasks to complete in order to show your understanding of Chapters 8-14 of "To Kill A Mockingbird":

*You must include a summary of all of the chapters listed in your task.
*You may work in a pair 

1) Video Summary/Discussion (Flipgrid)
Join code: 9dc7c4c2

2) Powerpoint Summary (Google Slides)
-one title slide
-seven slides - one for each chapter
-an image for each chapter

3) Comic book


TKAM Questions Chapters 8-14 in Google Classroom

TKAM Questions Chapters 8-14

Complete questions for Chapters 8-14.  Answer the questions in the separate Google document.


TKAM Chapters 8-14 Vocabulary in Google Classroom

TKAM Chapters 8-14 Vocabulary

Complete the vocabulary for Chapters 8-14. Include the word, definition, and part of speech.

Chapters 8 - 14 
1. Entrusted 
2. Adjacent
3. Perplexity 
4. Ingenuous 
5. Fanatical 
6. Isolate 
7. Debating 
8. Acquainted 
9. Contemporaries 
11. Peril 
12. Contradict 
13. Inaudible 
14. Cantankerous 
15. Compensation 
16. Emerge 
17. Acquired 
18. Ecclesiastical 
19. Extract 
20. Preoccupation


TKAM Chapter 1-7 Questions in Google Classroom

TKAM Chapter 1-7 Questions

Complete the following questions for Chapters 1-7.


TKAM Chapter 1-7 Vocabulary in Google Classroom

TKAM Chapter 1-7 Vocabulary

You only need to complete the word, part of speech, and definition.

Chapters 1 - 7 
1. Eccentric 
2. Malevolent -
3. Intimidation 
4. Condescended 
5. Indigenous  
6. Pronouncements 
7. Irked 
8. Persevere 
9. Compromise 
10. Tyranny 
11. Unanimous
12. Evasion 
13. Chameleon 
14. Tormenting 
15. Quibbling 
16. Teetered 
17. Malignant


To Kill A Mockingbird Escape Room in Google Classroom

To Kill A Mockingbird Escape Room

Only submit one form for each group. Make sure all your group member names are written in the form.


Short Story #8-#10 Reading Questions in Google Classroom

Short Story #8-#10 Reading Questions


9/11 Writing Assignment  in Google Classroom

9/11 Writing Assignment

Write a paragraph from the 9/11 Memorial in front of school (periods 1-4) or on the CNN Student News segment from today 9/10.


Short Story Recap in Google Classroom

Short Story Recap

Step 1: Choose ONLY ONE of the short stories from this week to complete this task.  You may work with a partner:

"The Man to Send the Rain Clouds," "Old Man of the Temple," or "Rules of the Game"

STEP 2: Using flipgrid, complete one of the following tasks.  Your video should be at least 2-4 minutes max:

- OPTION #1: Record a video or podcast summarizing/reviewing the story.  Include your opinion.  

- OPTION #2: Write your own version of the story! You will record yourself reading your story aloud,

- OPTION #3: Write a song, rap, poem, scene, monologue, or spoken word inspired by the story and record yourself performing it.


#5-#7 Short Story Assignments  in Google Classroom

#5-#7 Short Story Assignments

Answer the questions in complete sentences.  

#5 The Man to Send Rain Clouds 
1. What do Leon and Ken find at the beginning of the story? 

2. Why does Leon avoid telling Father Paul about Teofilo? 

3. What insight into the Pueblo people does Father Paul gain during the ceremony? 

4. What do Leon's thoughts after Teofilo's burial reveal about his views of death?  

5. What does the ending reveal about the contrasts between Pueblo and Christian beliefs? 

6. Why does Father Paul decide that the conflict over modern and traditional death rituals is not necessary? 

#6 The Old Man of the Temple 
1. Early in the story, what does Doss say he sees when the car swerves? 

2. Why doesn't the narrator believe Doss? 

3. How does the narrator finally get the ghost to leave? 

4. How would you respond to the narrator's invitation to "hear what you have to say" about his story? 

5. Use details from the story to explain what this story teaches about conflicts between the past and the present. 

#7 Rules of the Game
1. Early in the story, what happens when Waverly asks for a bag of salted plums? What happens when she stops asking? How does Waverly later apply that strategy that desire to play chess competitively?

2. How does Mrs. Jong teach Waverly rules of behavior? How does Waverly translate these rules into strategies for winning at chess? How does she use these rules against her mother?

3. Who do you think will "win" the game between Waverly and her mother? Use details from the text to explain.

4. Is it necessary for Waverly to oppose her mother at the market? How do their personal and cultural differences make it "necessary" for Waverly to see her mother on the other side of the chess board?


August Journals in Google Classroom

August Journals

Turn in your August journals here. There should be 4 in total.

1. How was your summer?  What are five things you were able to accomplish during your time off?  What are you excited, and/or nervous about it in regards to returning to school in person?

2. Summarize the article and short video. Would you like to have a P.E. class like this? Explain your response. What is physical fitness like for you during quarantine? What do you do to keep moving and stay active?

3. What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done? It can be something as extreme as bungee jumping or as simple as a rollercoaster ride...anything that makes you a little nervous…

4. Write a paragraph on one story presented on today's CNN Student News. (August 30) 


Short Story Questions #2-#4 in Google Classroom

Short Story Questions #2-#4

Respond to the questions in complete sentences.  


Short Story #1 The Most Dangerous Game in Google Classroom

Short Story #1 The Most Dangerous Game

Read the "Most Dangerous Game" in your textbooks on pages 214-236.

Complete the comic.

You must include at least 3 quotes from the story. You can use the speech bubbles or write above the box.

The comic strip should be in color.


Autobiographical Essay (Final Draft)  in Google Classroom

Autobiographical Essay (Final Draft)

Tell us your story. What unique opportunities or challenges have you experienced throughout your life that have shaped who you are today?

Should be in MLA format with no spelling or grammar errors.


Short Story Terminology in Google Classroom

Short Story Terminology

We'll fill this spreadsheet together as a class! Find your name and add the definition and the example.


Short Story Escape Room in Google Classroom

Short Story Escape Room

Escape room of the day :) Work with your group members on one form.


Autobiography Outline (rough draft) in Google Classroom

Autobiography Outline (rough draft)

You may choose to complete the outline or graphic organizer. Only choose ONE!

Tell us your story. What unique opportunities and challenges have you experienced that have shaped who you are today?

You do not have to write in complete sentences. Bullet points are okay.


Signed Syllabus in Google Classroom

Signed Syllabus

Please attach the syllabus with all signatures by Friday.


Virtual Locker Room in Google Classroom

Virtual Locker Room

Complete the virtual locker room. Get creative with this :)