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Introduction to 3-D Art-Period 6 Assignments

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Past Assignments


Inktober Week #2 in Google Classroom

Inktober Week #2

Complete 3 prompts from #9 - #16.  Make sure to label your prompts as well.


Ceramic Tools Vocabulary in Google Classroom

Ceramic Tools Vocabulary

Complete the vocabulary chart using the Ceramic Tools handout.  


Inktober Week #1 in Google Classroom

Inktober Week #1

Choose 3 prompts to complete for week 1 of Inktober.  October 1-8


Cartoon Color Theory Project  in Google Classroom

Cartoon Color Theory Project

1. Upload your Cartoon Color Theory Project 
2. Fill out the rubric including the self assessment and reflection.  


Puffs Play Art - Extra Credit  in Google Classroom

Puffs Play Art - Extra Credit

Create art for the Fall play "Puffs"  for extra credit.  It is a parody of the Hufflepuff house.  You can create art that you do not have to trademark such as an Impressionistic Star Wars character or Jack Sparrow on a boat.  Run any ideas by me or Mr. Kaitz.  Email Mr. Kaitz, jkaitz@wvusd.org for more information.


September Journals in Google Classroom

September Journals

5. List the steps in the video in how to gesso a canvas.  Post of a photo of your trademark logo progress week 3.
6. List 5 types of paint, and 5 types of brushes.   
7. 3 Cartoons - Cartoon/Color Theory.  Circle the cartoon you will be using for your project.  
8.  Ink Outline - Cartoon/Color Theory


Trademark Logo Project  in Google Classroom

Trademark Logo Project

1. Upload a picture of your trademark logo project
2. Upload a video of your trademark logo project 
3. Fill out the self assessment rubric and reflection.


9/11 Writing Assignment  in Google Classroom

9/11 Writing Assignment

Write a paragraph from the 9/11 Memorial in front of school (periods 1-4) or on the CNN Student News segment from today 9/10.


Principles of Design Google Slides  in Google Classroom

Principles of Design Google Slides

Add the title "Principles of Design" on a Google slide document.  Include the names of your group members.  (2-4 per group). Include the definition of the listed principle of design.  Include an image or animation and why it serves as an example of the specific principle.  Label the animation or image.   

1) Movement 
2) Pattern
3) Emphasis  
4) Balance
5) Unity 
6) Variety 
7) Proportion


Trademark Logo Week #2 Jamboard  in Google Classroom

Trademark Logo Week #2 Jamboard

Add a post it note with your name, and if you're working on the armature or paper mache.  Post a picture of your work.


August Journals  in Google Classroom

August Journals

1. What was something you drew as a child?  Post an image of your work in your digital journal.

2. What are the elements of art, and principles of design?  List them, along with their definition.  Refer to the Getty Museum handouts, or posters in class.

3. Color Theory 
 Primary Colors -Secondary Colors - 
Tertiary Colors - 
Complementary Colors - 

When is your birthday?  What is your colorstrology?  Do you believe it to be true to your personality?  Explain.  Complete the color wheel using colored pencils.  Upload a photo of your wheel onto your digital journal.

4. In numbered steps, list the process of how to paper mache.  Who is Dan Reeder?  What book(s)  has he published?


Week 1 Progress - Trademark Logo Project in Google Classroom

Week 1 Progress - Trademark Logo Project

1. Post a photo of your work.  Include your first and last name on a post it note. 

2.  In a Google doc, describe your trademark logo design in detail.  What are challenges you are facing?  What are you some successes you've had so far?


Trademark Logo Design in Google Classroom

Trademark Logo Design

1. Include a design with your initials
2. Add color or pattern to your work
3. Plan for it to be 18 inches (height) and 3 inches to 5 inches in width.


Donations Slip in Google Classroom

Donations Slip

Please read, and get it signed by your parents.


Puzzle Drawing in Google Classroom

Puzzle Drawing

Complete the grid worksheet.  Take your time with this assignment, and begin with the easiest square to draw :)


Cover Art  in Google Classroom

Cover Art

Create a cover page for your journal.  Include drawings of at least 4 different three dimensional projects you would like to make in this class.  Label different types of material you would like to use as well.  Include the title "Introduction to 3-D Design" 


Signed Syllabus in Google Classroom

Signed Syllabus

Please submit the syllabus with both signatures by Friday.


Virtual Locker Room in Google Classroom

Virtual Locker Room

Complete the virtual locker room.  Get creative with this!