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Peer Counseling 1-Period 3 - Mrs. Mesdjian Assignments

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Past Assignments


Bee kind button-making in Google Classroom

Bee kind button-making

Use the attached grid as a guide to create 16 Bee kind button backgrounds. The first square is a sample for you. You may use any color background and any graphic--as long as it's appropriate to our theme. Your 16 squares need to be SQUARE, like the sample. I cannot use rectangles to make round buttons. This assignment can replace a poster painting. Thank you.
* Include the words: Be kind & Stop bullying
* Make your button square (about 1.85" X 1.85")--like the sample.
* Print out one page IN COLOR


Peer Counseling Meeting in Google Classroom

Peer Counseling Meeting


This is Me Project in Google Classroom

This is Me Project

Create a one-page (8.5" x 11") poster including the following items: your first and last name, your personal mission statement, your color personality strengths, your personality-type strengths, your personal growth goals, and a picture of yourself. You may use the template provided or you may create a collage-type poster of your own design. You may complete your project using markers and drawings, or you may complete your project in a Google Doc. Submit a digital copy of your project here on Google Classroom AND bring a physical copy of your project to class so that you can share your work with the class.


Course Syllabus & Peer Counseling Contract in Google Classroom

Course Syllabus & Peer Counseling Contract

Have your course syllabus and peer counseling contract signed by Friday. These sheets should be included in your 3-ring binder. I will check the physical copies that I handed out in class.