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AP/IB Literature (Period 3) Assignments

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In order to complete the pre-work for Monday, please do the following in the order given.  Take notes and/or write your reactions to each of the things you read or watch in preparation for the discussion on Monday.

Read the poem I, Too by Langston Hughes and the lyrics to Louis Armstrong’s song, Black and Blue.  Next watch Ken Burns’ documentary Jazz, episode 3, Our Language. The episode is almost 59 minutes in length. There are several places on line to watch it without cost. Below is one possible link. Search Google for the video. Then read the introduction and conclusion to a 61 page Masters’ thesis entitled, “JAZZ TEMPORALITY AND NARRATIVE: A READING OF RALPH ELLISON’S INVISIBLE MAN”.  Please bring a printed copy to class on Monday as well.

The notes you take will reflect the thought you have put into this homework.