Diamond BarHigh School

Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)  – Mon, May 28                 Finals Schedule  – May 29-31                 Minimum Day Schedule  – Wed, May 30 & 31                 Last Day of School/Commencement  – Thurs, May 31                 Summer School  – June 11 - July 20

Advanced and Intermediate Performance Ensemble

Janna Van Horn
English, Career Education and the Arts (ECEA)

Course Description

Experience required and/or Audition required   The Performance Ensemble Classes will provide exciting opportunities for students that have serious aspirations to continue to be involved in the discipline of dance after high school.  Students will be provided with additional support and resources to prepare them for careers and collegiate opportunities in the dance world.  Students in thsi course get the opportunity to choreogprah and audition to perform student choreography in the school concerts.  Students will colloaborate with one another to construct pieces to auditioned for the concert each semester.  In order to be placed in this class you must have had one full year of dance at DBHS with a "B" grade or higher.  If you have dance experience but have not had dance at DBHS contact Ms. Lindenberg for proper class placement.