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Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)  – Mon, May 28                 Finals Schedule (periods 0,3,6)   – May 29Finals Schedule (periods 0,3,6)   – May 29                 Minimum Day Schedule  – Wed, May 30 & 31                 Last Day of School/Commencement  – Thurs, May 31                 Summer School  – June 11 - July 20

Course Description

Welcome to English 3 A.P. Language and Composition, formerly known as A.P. Rhetoric. In this class, you will learn the art of dissecting a speaker's/writer's words through careful analysis. We will read a variety of non-fiction texts, beginning with 1 novel and several selected essays over the summer. Be prepared to enter this class in the Fall having carefully read the summer texts. Your participation in class discussions and PowerPoint presentations is vital. You will also be expected to learn a number of rhetorical terms in order to discuss what tools authors utilize to sway an audience or to get a point across. In addition to dissecting texts, you'll be asked to develop your own writer's voice through book critiques and three types of writing: synthesis, argumentation, and analysis. After taking this class, you'll be so used to scrutinizing authors' words that you'll never look at a piece of writing in a cursory way again.

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Complete one page of writing for each of the UC writing prompts. Bring your notebook and stamp sheet to class on the day of your final. Bring your bathroom passes for extra credit.