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Course Description

Welcome to English 2 Sheltered. This year we will focus on World Literature, featuring authors from America, England, China, Nigeria, and Japan. With this variety of literature from around the world, you are encouraged to contribute to our discussions with stories about your own heritage, since most of you hail from different countries as well. We will begin the year by reading short stories, learning about elements of literature and understanding an author's purpose. We will also focus on writing in response to reading a piece of literature, paying close attention to grammatical and mechanical accuracy. We will also study vocabulary and practice test-taking strategies. After our short story unit, we will do an author study on Ray Bradbury, one of the most famous American Science Fiction authors of modern times. Later in the year, we will move through various novels by authors from around the world, honing our reading and writing skills. In the Spring, we will learn about persuasive speaking and we will witness some of the greatest orations of all time in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Be prepared for a year of cross-cultural learning.

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Complete the following grammar assignments in your notebook. Study for the grammar test on punctuation on Wednesday, May 23.
Grammar pg. 350, Exercise 3 #1-10
Grammar pg. 359, Exercise 2 #1-10
Grammar pg. 359-360, Review A #1-10
Grammar pg. 367, Exercise 5 #1-10
Grammar pg. 371, Exercise 6 #1-10