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Journalists Compete In Write-Off

Saturday, March 2, our JOURNALISM students competed in the Eastern LA County Journalism Education Association’s journalism write-offs. Diamond Bar took first place in the Newspaper Sweepstakes for the third time in five years. About eight area high schools participated at the competition at Schurr High School.


Placing in various categories were:

Senior Cindy Liu (1th), junior Grace Lee  (3rd) and senior Erin Li (10th) in features


Senior Christina Liu (1st) and junior Ryan Lam (5th) in sports


Junior Elizabeth Peng (3rd) in news


Junior Kate Zheng (6th) and sophomore Ryan Chan (12th) in novice news


Seniors Amelie Lee (2nd) and Amy Miyahara (5th)  in critical review


Senior Ted Yarmoski (10th) in editorials.


Senior Samyuktha Yellaiyan (4th) in feature photography


The yearbook team of  Ethan Chavarin, Sunny Yang, Shiva Dang, Karen Zheng finished 4th in layout and 5th in copy. The team of Megan Ly, Fiona Huang, Angela Medina, Priscilla Franchino finished 2nd in copy.