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5 Brahmas Qualify For National Math Exam

Approximately 140 Brahmas chose to take the national AMC math exam on February 7, 2019. Of those taking the exam, the following 5 Brahmas scored high enough to advance to the AIME exam in March. Congratulations! They will GET to take a THREE HOUR MATH EXAM on March 13. How awesome is that?!!

Timothy Yeh, Isaac No, Keshav Sriram, Tony Wan & Warrick He

The American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) is a 15-question 3-hour test given since 1983 to those who rank in the top 5% on the AMC 12 high school mathematics contest (formerly known as the AHSME), and starting in 2010, those who rank in the top 2.5% on the AMC 10.

There are three levels:
• the AMC 8 is for students in grades 8 and below
• the AMC 10 is for students in grades 10 and below
• the AMC 12 is for students in grades 12 and below