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Swim Team Competes In CIF Prelims

Our SWIM TEAM had an exciting but late night at CIF prelims Wednesday, May 1! They finished the meet at about 9:30 p.m. with our boys being in the last heat of the 400 Free relay, in swim the top 9 come back for finals, and 10-18 come back for a console final. Now for the highlights.

They started the afternoon with the 200 medley relays. Our girls team of Kaimin Tsuei(back), Valerie Chen (breast), Caitlyn Kanemitsu (fly) and Melanie Wu (free) is seeded first. Then our boys team of Nathan Chow (back), Kevin Vargas (breast), Vincent Cheng (fly) and Timothy Jia (free) set a new D4 record crushing the old record 1:36.78 from 2006 with a time of 1:35.98. This is also a new DBHS record!

A short time later Kevin Vargas set a new D4 meet record with time of 1:50.41 beating old record 1:51.13 from 2012!

Here are swimmers that are coming back Friday, May 3, with their place going into the meet for the Finals.

200 Free Girls - Kate Li 1st!
200 Free Boys - Dylan Hou 3rd
Nathan Chow 4th
Matthew Chai 5th
Stephen Lee -7th

200 IM GIrls - Kaimin Tsuei -5th
Emily Lee - 17th
200 IM Boys - Kevin Vargas - 1st
Kevin Lee - 5th
Charlie Lin - 17th
Brian Hsu - 2nd Alternate

50 Free Girls - Althea Gani - 10th
Anastasia Gani - 1st Alternate
50 Free Boys - Timothy Jia - 3rd
Brady Xie - 13th

100 Fly Girls - Melanie Wu - 3rd
Valerie Chen - 6th
Emily Lee - 11th
100 Fly Boys - Vincent Cheng - 1st
Logan Morales - 7th
Jason Matsuda - 14th

100 Free Girls - Kate Li - 2nd
Althea Gani - 10th
100 Free Boys - Nathan Chow - 3rd
Timothy Jia - 4th
Brady Xie - 6th
WIlliam Tan - 1st Alternate

500 Free Girls - Melanie Wu - 3rd
500 Free Boys - Dylan Hou - 3rd
Matthew Chai - 4th
Jason Matsuda - 9th
Alex Hung - 13th

200 Free Relay Girls - 5th (Althea Gani, Anastasia Gani, Nikki Yip and Kate Li)
200 Free Relay Boys - 1st (William Tan, Dylan Hou, Brady Xie, and Timothy Jia)

100 Back Girls - Kaimin Tsuei - 1st
100 Back Boys - Vincent Cheng - 1st
Stephen Lee - 4th
Aaron Tamura - 5th
Logan Morales - 7th

100 Breast Girls - Valerie Chen - 4th
Ashlyn Woo - 9th
Anastastia Gani - 13th
100 Breast Boys - Kevin Vargas - 1st 
Cyrus Phan - 2nd
William Tan - 4th
Kevin Lee - 5th

400 Free Relay Girls - 1st (Kaimin Tsuei, Melanie Wu, Althea Gani and Kate Li)
400 Free Relay Boys - 1st (Dylan Hou, Kevin Vargas, Nathan Chow and Vincent Cheng)