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Bloomfield Receives Partner In Education Award

Congratulations to Mr. Joe Bloomfield for being awarded the Partner In Education Award by DBHS and the WVUSD Board of Trustees Wednesday, May 15. He was chosen for his extensive service to our students.
Mr. Bloomfield spent last past 3 years developing a partnership with DBHS’s CTE and Robotics program to expand our engineering, 3-D printing, manufacturing and business pathways.
· Served as a mentor to students for past 2 years, supervising the after school 3D printing club, for at least 5 hours per week, which has led to the establishment of “Print3d Works”… DBHS’s after school manufacturing and entrepreneurship program.
· Provided internship and job opportunities for DBHS students and graduates.
· Shared his network of professionals to serve as guest speakers and provide training in manufacturing and business planning.
· Hosted students at his industrial facility for Manufacturing Day 2018, providing a tour/seminar of Spyder 3D Inc. & Glow Zone Inc.
· Has committed to serve as a member of the WVUSD CTE Advisory Committee
· Has served as a sponsor for both Team Sprocket and Print3d Works… donating materials and equipment.