Diamond BarHigh School

Finals Schedule - December 16-18             Minimum Days - December 17 & 18             Winter Break - Dec 19 - Jan 3

Robotics Team Mentors, Sponsors & Applications

Mentors -

We have liftoff!  Due to student outreach (by Curtis Wang) and a follow up meeting, we have secured a student /faculty group from Harvey Mudd College as our mentors.  We also have the support of engineers from Raytheon. 


Sponsors -

This leaves us w/ the money matters.  If you or anyone you know would like to sponsor us, please use the attached sponsorship letter.  If you have any suggestions on groups I should make personal contacts with, please E-mail me.  The kit and entrance fee alone is $6,000.  We are targeting a total of $12,000 to cover additional parts, tools, travel and other expenses.


Recruitment -

Our core team consists of Jonathan Lui (captain), Brandon Sim (captain), Jessica Chen, Jennifer Lee, Curtis Wang, Austin Chen, Ray Pang, Gary Li, and Barbara Wong.  Recruitment starts this week.  Our team is looking for diverse talents.  We need puzzle solvers, designers, builders, do-ers.  Students are not required to be in BT to join the team.  Please share this opportunity with your students, if any of them are interested please have them contact me.  Applications are also attached.