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MATH MADNESS: Update October 16

This was the third week of our Brahmas participating in the national, online competition known as MATH MADNESS 2019. The first week (Oct 3), Brahmas competed against Brahmas for practice. The second week (Oct 9), our Brahmas broke into small teams to compete against small teams from Spencerport High School in New York. Overall, our DBHS math team beat the Spencerport Rangers 37-23.
This Wednesday (Oct 16), our Brahama mathletes competed against the Arizona College Prep Knights and won 39-40.

There were 8 questions and our team score is the top 5 individual scores, so earning 40 points was as good as we could do.


In fact, we had 8 students earn perfect scores this week. Go Brahmas!


Our top (perfect) performers: 



Catherine Lu

Prokkawn Majumdar

Zijie Zhao

William Li

Andrew Huang

Marcus Hsieh

Tony Wan

Brandon Kam