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Class of 2021 Grade Level Coordinators

Mr. Kevin Patterson  Mrs. Stephanie Duenas   Mrs. Julie Salas







November 5, 2019


Class of 2021 Students and Parents,


As we have the past two school years, we will publish this GLC News and Notes Newsletter periodically during the school year.  Our goal is to keep our students and parents up-to-date on relevant and timely topics and issues. 




Track and Field Tryouts:

Tryouts for our spring Track and Field season are next week!

  • Tuesday, November 12-Friday, November 15
    • Sprint Athletes:  Tuesday, November 12, Wednesday, November 13,                    Thursday, November 14
    • Distance Athletes:  Tuesday, November 12 and Friday, November 15
    • Discus/Shot Put:  Tuesday, November 12, Thursday, November 14, Friday, November 15
  • Times:  3:15-4:45 pm daily
  • At the DBHS Track-Holmes Memorial Stadium
  • Student Athletes must have completed the Athletic Clearance Process prior to the tryout!  See Mrs. Manly in Room 731 in you need information on becoming a “cleared” student athlete.
  • These tryouts are for non-winter sport athletes.
  • Contact Coach Malinalli Cooke if you have questions:  Room 419  mcooke@wvusd.k12.ca.us


Students and Post-High School Opportunities

Your GLCs encourage you to “Dream, Plan and Pursue” with passion in regards to your plans for after your graduation from DBHS. 


We believe that if students look for things they enjoy doing and for things they are good at, then they will find their place in our world. 


Please be cautious, careful when looking for destination universities, to look far beyond any “rankings” of the university.  Unfortunately, many times egos get in the way of finding “right fit” universities.  Rankings mean very little if the university does not provide the student with the opportunity to grow into adulthood as a productive and happy individual.  Encourage your student to look for destinations that will provide them with this opportunity regardless of any “ranking”.


  1. SAC  Junior Day-Class of 2021:

We are very excited to be accompanying a group of 40 junior students on a field trip to MT.SAC community college.  MT.SAC will host juniors from area high schools so they can attend informative workshops including a workshop on the MT.SAC Honors program, take a tour of the campus and their facilities and learn about the tremendous opportunity MT.SAC and community college offers our students.   The date of the field trip is Thursday, November 7, 2019. 




Reminders:  We recommend students who are pursuing a 4-year university immediately after high school to take the necessary exams for admissions purposes. 


Most universities require one of the exams below:

  1. SAT w/Essay
  2. ACT w/Writing

Some  universities may not require the Essay or Writing portion but most do, so take the exam with the Essay/Writing component.

Best Strategy:  Complete the required exams for university admissions prior to the summer before 12th grade.  Students may take the exam more than once.  We believe having all required tests done by the end of 11th grade allows students to review scores and have a huge requirement out of the way.  Keep in mind, if a student chooses to re-take an exam during their 12th grade year, that is allowed.  Most universities will accept test scores as late as the December 2020 exam.  Please, Please keep in mind that some universities will not accept the December 2020 score so students need to do their research.  We have found that waiting until 12th grade to take the exams for the first times can be overwhelming for students, but re-taking an exam after one more summer of review or preparation may be helpful for some.


Many universities will also require SAT Subject Tests:  These tests are much different than the SAT or ACT exam.  Subject Tests last one hour and students are allowed to take up to (3) exams on one test day.  If a university requires SAT Subject Tests, they would usually require (2) Subject tests.  Researching prospective universities is very important for our students to determine if the university requires SAT Subject Tests.  Please keep in mind that the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) DO NOT require the SAT Subject Test.   However, the UC system does “recommend” students pursuing majors in the STEM area to take specific SAT Subject Tests.  Please refer to the link on the Class of 2021 Webpage Titled:

UC-University of California:  SAT Subject Test (RECOMMENDATIONS PER UC CAMPUS)  This link will instruct students which UC campuses recommend the SAT Subject tests and which SAT Subject tests.


REGISTERING FOR THE SAT OR ACT is done by the student.  The only way to register for an SAT or ACT exam is online via the websites below.  Many students have already created their user account on these websites, if they have not, we recommend they create an account now.






We have several opportunities for students to receive academic support/tutoring from teachers and peers.  Please see this information on the Class of 2021 Webpage.


12-Week Progress Reports

Updated 12-week progress grades will be able to be viewed starting Wednesday, November 6, 2019 via the “Aeries Portal” which is the new name for Student Portal and Parent Portal.  These 12-week progress grades are no longer mailed home.


Keep Checking the GLC/Guidance Webpage and the Class of 2021 Webpage

We encourage students to check our webpages regularly for new postings, announcements, opportunities etc.    Class of 2021 students Sonny Cao and Rachel Jang have learned that checking the Class of 2021 webpage pays off!!  Sonny enjoyed a Starbucks beverage and Rachel will enjoy an In N Out meal simply for reading our Class of 2021 webpage.

www.dbhs.org   then…Guidance/GLC Link  then…Class of 2021 Link


Off Campus Opportunities

Check the “Off Campus Opportunities” link at www.dbhs.org on the Guidance/GLC link (Right side of page) if you are looking for an opportunity off campus.



Think About It…


Spend time talking with your student and listening to your student…
“There are times when wisdom cannot be found in the chambers of parliament or the halls of academia but at the unpretentious setting of the kitchen table.”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Author



Kevin R. Patterson, Stephanie Duenas, Julie Salas

Grade Level Coordinators – Class of 2021

Diamond Bar High School

21400 Pathfinder Rd.

Diamond Bar CA 91765