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Brahmas Win 1st Math Madness Round

We had an exciting Math Madness match Wednesday, November 6, 2019, against Farragut High School from Knoxville, Tennessee.

We started off strong and built a small lead only to have Farragut pull to 20-19 with about 13 minutes remaining.
We then went on a run and extended our lead to 26-19 in the next few minutes.

Farragut then closed the gap and we found ourselves holding a 31-29 edge with two minutes remaining.
We surged and were able to bring home a 34-29 victory !!!!! Now is the time to step up and boy did our President ever step up.

Keshav lead the Brahma spell out and then he lead the team to victory with our only perfect score!
Tony, Catherine, Yuanyi and Warrick were also terrific today. In fact, the whole team did amazing.

Thank you to our PRINTED WORKS club for the new, incredible banner!

Next week will prove an even tougher challenge. Go Brahmas!


Keshav Sriram 8
Tony Wan 7
Catherine Lu 7
Yuanyi Zhang 6
Warrick He 6
Karen Peng 5
Lydia Yang 5
Andrew Huang 5
Brandon Kam 5
Christopher Lee 5
Nathan Song 5
Jason Kim 5