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Mock Trial Team Advances To TOP 8

Monday, November 18, 2019, the DBHS Mock Trial competed in the top 16 round of the LA County Mock Trial competition. 101 teams started at the beginning of the competition, 8 are left. We are one of the eight!


DBHS’s PROSECUTION team decisively out-argued the defense of their opponent. Wednesday, November 20, our DEFENSE will perform in the top 8 quarterfinal round!!


Some highlights from Monday night:

Pre-trial attorney Harris Daud could not be stumped in one of the best grillings a pre-trial attorney has ever received. The judge started asking him questions 20 seconds into his argument and persisted for 15 minutes.


The opening was performed by a fierce Eileen Zu (yes, I said fierce!!!). She wrote it, 2 minutes long, completely memorized and riveting. The only fiercer performance was her cross of the the defense's expert witness who may be the most volatile, argumentative witness I've seen in years.


Crystal Tsao was brutal on her cross examination and handled objections better than many trial attorneys.

The third trial attorney, Courtney Chan: polished, poised, and impeccable. Gave an 8-minute closing, edited on the fly. She never looked at notes, ever.


The witnesses:

Detective Phillip Ma-GQ meets Dragnet. You have to have seen it to believe it.

The defendant's sassy, entertaining cousin, Angela Medina.....the judge took the time to tell report that she was a GREAT actress!

Forensics expert Cindy Chen......she WILL convince you that the blunt force trauma to the victim's head was caused by the putter found in the defendant's car!

The victims friend, Hilal Balik, unflappable, period!

Finally, the clerk, Emily Zhang, a stressful job timing every performance and giving time warnings throughout the night. She has been invaluable to the team!


The help they received from Deputy DA Angela Brunson and their new secret weapon, retired detective/ROP teacher Ken Carlson, has made such a big difference!