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Mock Trial Court Room Artists At Finals

Wednesday, December 4, 2019, the DBHS Mock Trial Team competed in the Los Angeles County Finals at the county courthouse. In addition to the regular Mock trial competition, each Mock Trial team could have a total of three courtroom artists accompany the team in one round of competition. The artist then got the duration of that night's competition (about 3 hours) to draw a scene form that night's proceedings. Our courtroom artists were Katherine Chang, Maya Aragon and Mandy Liu.


Below are pictures of the three submissions from (in order of appearance) Katherine Chang (12), Maya Aragon (11) and Mandy Liu (12)... Last night at the Mock Trial award ceremony, Katherine Chang was given the award for second place for her submission. They are all impressive and a great credit to the art teachers at DBHS, Vianney Hwang and Coleen Gee, who have taught them!