Diamond BarHigh School

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2010-2011 USB Commissioners Announced

Commissioners of Academics:

Lindsey Snuggs

Brittany Tse

Commissioners of Advertising:

Stephanie Ma

Peter Cho

Commissioners of Art:

William Liu

Alyson Kim

Commissioners of Assemblies and Rallies:

Brittanie Fuentes

Kiana Ghassemi

Commissioners of Athletics:

Kathleen Torres

Fred Choi

Attorney General:

Won Cho

Commissioners of Audio Communications:

Alex Kim

Max Sun

Brahma Booster Representative:

Amanda Cheng

Brahma Foundation Representative:

Jarrod Asuncion

Commissioners of Hospitality:

Audrey Park

Jessica Yam

Commissioners of Performing Arts:

Kaitlyn Cruz

Samantha Cino

Commissioners of Social Activites:

Jared Aquino

Bianca Lee

Commissioners of Special Projects:

Karmyna Garcia

Vivian Cheong

Commissioners of Student Store

Alexis Velasco

Cameron Respecio

Commissioner of Technology:

Samuel Wang

Commissioners of Visual Communications:

Sabrina Bawa

Tim Chin